Virginia Quality Healthcare Network Session Roundup

The Virginia Quality Healthcare Network (VQHN) is a coalition of voluntary health associations and patient advocacy groups who have come together as a network to promote and encourage the sustaining quality of healthcare for all Virginians. The events that VQHN organizes help to create networking opportunities, gauge and create interest around an issue and strengthen relationships between advocates, patients and policy makers. Creating dialogue between individuals and groups, who may never have had the opportunity to interact in the past, creates a wonderful opportunity to share information and encourage partnerships .

The Alliance Group hosted VQHN's 17th Annual Session Wrap Up Event where attendees heard the latest in healthcare access trends from Megan Olsen of Avalere health, a national healthcare consulting firm. The Virginia Department of Integrated and Behavioral Health also presented an overview of the ARTS Program, the Medicaid Addiction and Recovery Treatment Benefit, which offers services to Virginians affected by the Opioid Crisis.