Government Relations & Lobbying

Our principals have decades of combined experience in successfully representing clients with legislative and regulatory issues at the local, state, and federal levels.  In a competitive political environment, legislative representation takes more than access to overcome the difficult obstacles any client faces.  Despite the headlines, most legislative decisions enjoy bi-partisan support.  For this reason, you need a firm like ours that is viewed as an honest broker by Republicans and Democrats alike.  

We focus on a simple, but often overlooked, concept—a wrap-around strategy of lobbying support, grassroots organizing and, where needed, public relations.  This multi-faceted approach differentiates us from most other firms and has been a game-changer for our clients.  


Effective grassroots and grasstops work involves identifying key individuals and organizations who can build a broad base of support around an issue.  Our team is great at identifying opinion leaders and recruiting them for a cause. Whether it is organizing volunteers, helping draft letters-to-the-editor or op-eds, or coordinating social media engagements, we can activate the grassroots to promote your message. 

Our team has enjoyed success in a wide array of grassroots, grasstops and public relations campaigns.  We help find people who share a passion for your issue and then build a strategy to harness that interest and enthusiasm. We know how to get people excited about a campaign, ultimately getting results.