Public Relations

We provide public relations services to a range of corporate, governmental and non-profit clients in Virginia and throughout the Mid-Atlantic.  PR generates awareness and support for your cause, product or service by making it part of the news cycle's daily dialogue, whether in print, online or on the air.

We have strong relationships with reporters and editors at media outlets across the region.  We have extensive experience in developing successful communications campaigns to reach both broad and specific target audiences.  We help our clients earn media coverage that enhances their reputation and raises their visibility and profile. 

Digital Media

Thirty years ago the question was "Do you have a fax number?" Twenty years ago it was "What's your e-mail address?" And now most of us couldn't imagine a world without Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or our ever-present smart phones. 

To move ahead and stay connected, you need to communicate on a multitude of platforms. Our creative social media team lives for this stuff. Whether you're just getting started or want to take things to the next level, we can handle it.