Social Media Management 

Twenty-five years ago the question was "Do you have a fax number?" Fifteen years ago it was "What's your e-mail address?" And now most of us couldn't imagine a world without Facebook, Twitter, or our ever-present smart phones. 

To move ahead and stay connected, you need to communicate on a multitude of platforms. Our creative, web savvy team lives for this stuff. Whether you're just getting started in social media or want to take things to the next level or need help with maintenance, we can handle it. Hey, any excuse to hang out on Facebook, right? 

CASE: A client concerned with a proposed ordinance that would threaten the environmental safety in a local county asked for help in rallying community support. The Alliance Group launched a Facebook campaign targeted at members of the community that informed individuals of the pressing environmental issue and directed them to an online petition they could sign. In its first five days the campaign's FB page along with a robust campaign website and online petition, generated a buzz in the community beyond which they had ever seen. On the night that the governing body discussed the ordinance, the hundreds of vocal and informed community residents in attendance convinced the governing body to postpone further discussion of the ordinance, which was eventually withdrawn.