Peter DuMont - Account Executive

Peter DuMont wears several hats, working on grassroots and PR initiatives, as well as serving as the firm's IT specialist. Peter can "talk tech" with the best of them - a great skill to have on staff when some of the rest of us think "tech" is a foreign language akin to "Czech." 

Active in the community, Peter has served as an elder at Eternity Church in Richmond and is active in the local arts, serving as a volunteer usher at the Landmark Theater. 

A native Minnesotan, Peter is a graduate of the University of Richmond with a B.S. in English. 

Interesting facts about Peter
1. Is an avid cyclist.
2. Has twice participated in a 12-hour marathon reading of John Milton's Paradise Lost.
3. Doesn't think his favorite books should be made into movies.