Lesley Moseley - VP, Association Management

Lesley oversees the firm’s Association Management practice.

Lesley has several decades of high-level managerial experience.  Lesley uses her strong organizational skills to help the firm’s clients with developing, and then implementing, processes and procedures that empower them to function efficiently and effectively.  Lesley brings strong communications skills to her work with the many, and varied, constituencies who engage with our clients.  Lesley is adept at multi-tasking and comfortable working under tight deadlines and helps the firm’s clients with planning and executing large-scale events.  Lesley works with her team to educate our clients on how a wide range of public policy issues impact their members and stakeholders across the Commonwealth.

Lesley has a BBA from James Madison University.   

Interesting facts about Lesley

1. She held a swimming record for 36 years that just got broken this year in the 11-12 year old girls 50m free.
2. Her family loves nicknames – Lesley’s is Uggie, her sister is Quack, her Dad is Heat Miser, and the list goes on.
3. Lesley flew on the Concord to London yet stayed in a hostel upon arrival. Needless to say, the flight attendant had never heard of her hotel!