Is there anything better than seeing people all fired up over an issue they feel passionately about? Well sure, if it's YOUR issue. 

We have point people on our team who are great at identifying opinion leaders and recruiting them for a cause. Whether it be organizing volunteers, helping draft letters to the editor or op-eds, or coordinating letter writing campaigns, we will activate the grassroots to get your message out. 

People enjoy being part of an effort and we harness that enthusiasm to work for you. 

CASE: Three major patient-advocacy organizations joined together and engaged the Alliance Group to build a coalition to change state policy concerning smoking regulations. Under this effort, the Alliance Group was responsible for developing a grassroots campaign to raise support for legislation that would restrict smoking in indoor and public areas. Under the Alliance Group's leadership, the coalition grew to more than 700 supporting organizations and businesses in one year. In addition to growing support for the organization's coalition, the Alliance Group managed events, drafted talking points for community leaders concerning the issue and organized speaking engagements. Through the support of thousands of advocates from various professional backgrounds and with diverse experiences, the campaign achieved its goal through passage of the Indoor Clean Air Act.