Geoff Zindren - Account Executive 

Geoff brings a wealth of communications and policy expertise to his job at the Alliance Group. Formerly a program manager for ChamberRVA, Geoff has extensive experience in leadership, management and community relations.

Geoff works with a wide range of clients to help meet their grassroots, public relations and related needs. In this role, Geoff engages with a number of different business, community and government stakeholders at the local, state and national levels. 

Outside of Alliance Group, Geoff can usually be found at a Richmond food or music festival as well as partaking in outdoor activities. Though originally from Terre Haute, IN, Geoff decided to make Richmond his permanent home because he was captivated by the cultural flair RVA has to offer!

Geoff received his BA in Education at Purdue University as well as his Master of Public Policy at the College of William & Mary.

Interesting facts about Geoff:

1.     Approximately 95% of Geoff’s brain space is inhabited by memorized song lyrics, and he spends a good portion of his day happily singing them off-key.

2.     Geoff loves all things Richmond, and he has a lifetime goal of making it to every single festival in Richmond.

3.     When not geeking out doing “all things Richmond,” you can usually find Geoff fly fishing one of Virginia’s streams and rivers.