Ben Rowe - VP, Grassroots

Ben Rowe works with both corporate and non-profit organizations on the implementation of successful public relations and government affairs strategies, and full-service association management.

Ben's expertise spans several industries, including: agriculture, alcohol production, the energy sector, and more. Ben's brings to the table a breadth of experience in strategic planning, development and implementation of media and advertising campaigns, targeted advertising, content management of websites, and development of e-newsletter design.

Drawing on his background in public relations and government affairs, Ben provides his clients with a well-rounded and cohesive management of their association, whether big or small.

Ben is a graduate of Randolph-Macon College and lives in the West End of Richmond with his wife, Maddie, and their Golden Retriever, Ryder.

Interesting facts about Ben: 
1. Spent a month volunteering in Guatemalan villages
2. His first summer job was on the ships at Jamestown Settlement
3. Can correctly identify nearly all native Virginia tree species by both the common and scientific names